How You Can Own An Undervalued Property In the Next 2 Months (Despite Cooling Measures) !

I’m sure you’re already aware that most people attain their wealth and financial freedom through property investment.

But have you ever wondered why the majority of us haven’t taken the first step in this journey?

Hey Singaporeans,

Mark Goh

From the desk of The Real Estate Rebel

You see, with all these “objections”, no wonder Singaporeans are afraid to even get started!

The answer is simple…when it comes to property investment before we could even start, a thousand concerns would surface in our minds:

“Now got cooling measure, not the ideal time to start investing...” 

“Property investing is only for the rich”

“I don’t have money, how you expect me to starting investing?”

“I have no idea how to spot an undervalued property”

“I don’t even know who or how to get started”

“I am a full time employee with a pretty low salary, how?"

“I want to spend more time with my family, got no time for this”

Just Hear What My Students Are Saying....

"Attending Marko's class was really a miracle.

He has helped me a lot by teaching me and letting me understand how easy it is to invest in property investment

The proven steps are workable and actionable

Join Us! Join Our Loving Family!"

Jessy Ng

Mother of 4

of the people fail because they don’t have a system


Many go from Step A still figuring what Step B is going to be.

Others fear even stepping onto Step A.

I will lay out all the steps A-B-C-D-E that can take any clueless person to reap his first pot of gold that he may never otherwise attained.

There are many property ‘coaches’ and ‘advisors’ who preaches a lot about property investing but do not actually own many themselves.

Then, there are also serial property investors who may struggle to guide others duplicate the same success that they have.

I am humbled to share that aside from the 50+ properties that we have purchased, I have also successfully guided many of my 300+ students to purchase at least one undervalued, passive-incoming churning property within just 2-3 months... accounting for more than 100 property purchases for my students in the past couple years

I even have an outstanding student who have purchased 25 undervalued properties all within a year.

The reason why you have never heard of me before is I have all along been a full time employee and could not have my identity exposed to the public.


Although my passive income is a multiple times my active income, I held on to my job because I enjoyed doing it.

Despite not being able to market myself to the public as an employee in the past, I have held many sessions with both experienced investors and novice beginners, in which, all of them shared that they have not only benefitted from my teachings but immediately applied them and benefitted from it greatly.

Now surely you might be wondering: 

“Who is this Mark guy?

“Is he another of those ‘property coach’ that comes out of no where?"

So the question you should ask yourself is: 


I was not born into a well-to-do family. And I struggled to make ends meet in the earlier years when I started my family.

I figured that my active income will never get me to the life that I’ve promised my wife.

I started to study how the richest people make their fortune. I spent up to 6 figures learning from my many peers and mentors.

Someone who just has the knowledge of real estate investment or someone who has already done and helped hundreds to have done what it is you want to do?

You see, many wondered if I came from a wealthy background and if any of my assets were inherited. 

Quite the contrary, I am who I am today, with the portfolio that I’ve built (I am only scratching the surface) because of all my sufferings.

And finally, My own mistakes…

You see, property investing can be very complicated, especially if we choose to ‘figure it on our own’.

I relied on my many mentors to guide me into first taking the right actions. Once I’ve saw results and gained confidence, then I slowly consolidated all of my learnings and simplified them into a blueprint that is easy to understand and apply for consistent success.

These steps are so simple, many of my students are able to get their property within just 2-3months upon applying it.

Some first-timers have even went on to become property coaches themselves after learning from me in just a few months.

01) Wendy Kwek  

02) Jerome Tan  

03) Mohd Ismail 

04) Nizam Ismail

05) Andy Ong 

06) Patrick Liew 

07) Kevin Green 

08) Peter Poh

09) David Poh  

10) Rayney Wong 

11) Kenny Tan

12) Kevin Fong

13) Cijay Tew

14) Dominic Lee

15) Bobby Sng

16) Maureen Li

17) Getty Goh

18) Alfred Chia

19) Renesial Leong

20) Michael Tan

21) Rachel Lim

22) Bowie Tan

23) Gary Chua

24) Eric Chiew

25) KK Goh

26) Collin Ee

27) Adrian Wee

28) Mac Attram

29) Robert Kiyosaki

30) Tony Robbins

31) Sandy Jadeja

32) Dominique Lyone

33) Kerry Zurier

34) Blair Singer 

35) Joel Bauer 

Peers & Mentors I've Learned From:

I now imagine yourself, having your mind blown upon realising how achievable financial freedom is with this straightforward system. (Many wished they’d known this years ago.)

Then investing in an undervalued property in the next couple of months, and pocketing automatic income month after month while you sleep, fuelling your travels and leisure from the extra cash instead of your hard earned money.

You could even duplicate this process several more times…

Step by step, you accumulate enough to purchase yet another property, and another, eventually owning more and more properties until your passive have greatly overtaken your active income, allowing you to retire within the next year or so and having the freedom to pursue what you love to do, at your own time.

All of these can be possible if you apply the exact system…

Over the past year, I have witnessed so many of my students improve their financial situation and begin a financially free life.

Their quality of life improved and now has more free time for their loved ones.

Just by seeing all of them grow from being sceptical about property investing into happy owners of multiple properties with monthly passive income makes my heart so full.

That is the reason why I’m willing to quit my job and go out to share my system to impact many more lives.

For many years, I have made my employers very rich. I might as well stop making them rich and make the average Singaporeans rich. I can do this because I have a choice, why? because of my passive income.

I am conducting an exclusive workshop for serious action takers who want to take their wealth and quality of life to the next level, and I’m extending this invitation to you…

The Real Estate Rebel Masterclass

In this 3-hour Masterclass...

I’ll be sharing with you the 3 secrets that you need to know to set yourself up for a very successful real-estate investment journey and portfolio.

Ignore these and your results may vary drastically.

Straight Line System To Owning A Property In Less Than 2 Months

Date: Thurs 17th Oct 2019

Time: 12:00PM - 3:00PM


7:00PM – 10:00PM


10 Anson Road #26-16,

International Plaza, Singapore 079903


Can't make these dates? 

SMS "UPDATE" + <Your Full Name> + <Your Email> to 9096 0764 to be informed of the next masterclass!

How you can purchase multiple properties despite the cooling measures

How you can own your first property within 2 months using my straight line method

The key strategies to structure your property portfolio to always ensure cash flow to roll and scale your wealth (You’ll never be afraid of risk if you knew this)

How you can restructure your portfoilio so that you'll have leverage to double and triple it in the coming years.

The straight line system from buying property, negotiating the price, renting it out, all the way to selling it.

The little known secret to getting unlimited mortgage loans and banks to approve your loans (regardless of your income level)

Checklist to ensure you never have to worry about not renting out your property

How to ride the property up-cycle and how to profit from it even while it's down!

Michael Tan (Freemen Group)

One of Asia's Top Award-Winning Property Guru

"One of the Great Investor's I know who knows how to Fundamentally Buy Properties and Give YOU Great Rental Returns & Capital Appreciation... Those of you who want to really learn from someone who Truly, Truly Knows What They're Doing... I Highly Recommend Them Right Now!"

Ivan Cai


"I now own 20 properties in Singapore

Mark and Jill(Mark's wife) is one of the most authentic teachers out there who are practitioners themselves

What they teach are actionable steps which covers a wide scope in investing in the right property"

“ What I love about Marko’s system is that it can be duplicated over and over again…

What impressed me most is that Marko built his property portfolio and set himself up to earn massive passive income while holding on to a full-time job

That inspired me and I followed in Marko’s footstep and achieved the same!”

Lee Joo Hong


No. of Pty invested so far: 5

Passive Income (per month): $8,300

“The content covered in Marko's workshop blew my mind. I discovered that I have been holding on to many limiting beliefs about leveraging and debt.

I immediately took action and purchased an undervalued property within 2 months. I never could have done this without Marko’s mentorship.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for his generosity. Thank you Marko, my life was transformed because of you! ”

Zack G. Sim


No. of Pty invested so far: 1

Passive Income (per month): $4,478

"Learning from Marko changed my life

Marko made a complex and intimidating topic like property investment simple and straightforward.

I was able to use Marko's system to purchase 4 undervalue SG properties that fetches me a monthly passive income of $8600.

This allowed me to make the easy decision to quit my job and pursue what I really love.

What's best is that now I have time freedom for my family and more importantly, myself.

Thank you Marko!"

Louisa Chong

Freelance Events Organiser

No. of Pty invested so far: 4

Passive Income (per month): $8,600

LOOK - IF YOU'VE READ THIS FAR, I’d like you to ask yourself…


I’m also guessing you’re tired of figuring this property game out…getting left behind while all the rich get richer while you’re still stuck.

Let me help you.

Invest this 3 hours, commit and come down with an open mind to learn. I am confident that you'll walk out at the end of the session with much more clarity on how you can invest profitably and safely and get returns that your job could never offer you.

I look forward to seeing you at my Real Estate Workshop

Mark Goh

If you skipped all the way to the bottom, here's a summary of what we've discussed:

I am offering a 3-hour real estate masterclass that you will learn real estate investment secrets on how to invest in multiple undervalued properties within 2-3 months. This will allow you to collect paychecks month after month, allowing you to retire early and finally pursuing and doing what you love.


I stand by my mission of educating eager Singaporeans on how to play the real estate game and how to strategically invest in them. 

All I ask is your commitment to learn and implement these right after the class, only then you'll see results.

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• If consumers deal with entities that are not regulated by the MAS, they forego the protection afforded under laws administered by the MAS. 

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